News day / KATHY-ANN Mackay is an artist whose forte is spiritual art and which she conceptualises in a series entitled Revelation. Her Revelation 2 exhbition titled Jesus Christ: True God & True Man will open for one day on Sunday at the Art Society.

The Revelation series highlights her hunger and thirst for God and her desire to draw others to the truth that scripture says, “God is love,” a media release said.

The Revelation series highlights Kathy-Ann Mackay’s ‘hunger and thirst for God.’

The Renaissance period has been Mackay’s greatest influence as for her “it encapsulates an era of inventiveness, creativity and use of the imagination, awareness and enlightenment, spiritual seeking and soaring upwards, pinnacles,” the release said.

Revelation 1 focussed on the life of Jesus Christ while Revelation 2 goes a step further and asks, “Who is Jesus Christ? How does He relate to the people of TT? What is his call to us as a people, as a nation?

Spiritual art

The artist says in the release, “…. my heart goes out to the suffering of our people evidenced daily in the appalling crime situation. Therefore, through my work I desire to convey the need for spiritual, moral and social change. Revelation 2 is a call to the nation for change….. a change of hearts and minds. This change I foresee can best be accommodated and must begin in the education system of TT.” Mackay who is married with five children has taught primary, post-primary and as a visual arts secondary school teacher for over 18 years.

The Revelation series by Kathy-Ann Mackay continues with a one-day exhibition at the The Art Society’s headquarters, Jamaica Boulevard and St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, St Clair.

The exhibition opens at 10 am and ends at 8 pm at the society’s headquarters, Jamaica Boulevard and St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, St Clair.



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