The Trinidad Guardian / This society is small. This society may even be described as vicious. It is also unforgiving of those who do not conform to the rules of engagement that control the lives of T&T citizens. T&T people believe that they know it all. This ‘knowing it all’ is at every social level of the society. From rum shop to the most expensive drinking holes, we cast aspersions on those who do not believe as we see fit. Some people allegedly believe that many educational accomplishments and, importantly, great personal wealth, gives you the right to pontificate on what is right and what is wrong. This does not work well on the international level. To outsiders, T&T people will appear sanctimonious in the extreme. We strip practically naked for Carnival but cannot deal with the naked truth about ourselves.

Our Constitution might need tweaking but we are not bad people. I do not see our judges as weak. What we are, as a people, is naƮve. We believe that by shaming people into a corner is the right thing to do to achieve certain outcomes. Our entire legal fraternity is involved in this case. No one can be found guilty based on insufficient evidence. 50 per cent of judges appear to support the CJ, 50 per cent against. We are allegedly spinning top in mud.

Consider the implications of ‘Himself trying Himself.’ Who/whom then is left to be in contempt of the court? It is my personal view (I could be wrong) that the PM has used his executive power to make way for detailed examination of all facts.

All of us, including the CJ, must take a good look into the mirror. Why was this case not held strictly in camera from day one? Why all the indecent exposure? To prove what? What is the real agenda?

Outside people can say what they want. T&T is still the best country in the Caribbean region, if not the entire world. We jamming still.



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