The Trinidad Guardian / Recently Mr Gregory Wight wrote an article alluding to very disruptive conditions in our country re crime which is like quicksand pulling everyone down with it, and an economy in tatters—still without any diversification plan in place.

Mr Wight was saying the way out of this conundrum is for younger leaders to step forward and create a new platform for T&T.

However, I think our malaise is more fundamental than this. For example, the reason we have not implemented a diversification strategy after almost 20 years of talk, is because of the constant competing powers inherent in a democracy. In this model, every five years elected members of parliament have to compete with the Opposition to maintain their power, their perks, and opportunity to feast on the treasury trough.

This power is our elected officials’ real driving force, and not what is in our country’s best interest.

On the other hand, Singapore is similar in size of country and population as T&T, and over the last 53 years they have enriched their country to the point where they have supposedly the 40th highest GDP in the world. The major reason is they have been ruled by a dictator. One who set a course early on, and who did not have to keep changing course every five years to ensure his continuity.

And now his country is one of the most profitable shipping destinations in the world.

So returning to my original point, what I think we need is mature discussion between our current leaders, such has occurred with the Anti-Gang Legislation. This is our only way forward.

Let me ask the citizens of T&T whether this makes sense?



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