The Trinidad Guardian / There were “women everywhere” at Euphoric Lounge, Dundonald Street, Portof- Spain, last Friday evening for the celebration of the second edition of the W.E. Party, in observance of International Women’s Week. This was one of seven events hosted by the Women.Everywhere organisation (W.E), and was part of week of events and activities, commemorating the global event.

Other events hosted by the organisation included Her Stories, W.E. Talk, W.E. Resist & W.E. Rise, Solidarity Walk and Wellness Morning & Brunch.

W.E. partied the night away to music by a cast of female DJs including Delesse “DJ Del” Francis, Charlotte “DJ Charlotte” Chadee and Melissa “DJ Mel- T” Mc Allister. Even Adeline Gregorie, W.E. founder and director, aka DJ Addi, took a couple spins on the turntables before introducing DJ Del.

The W.E. mission statement is Share. Inspire. Empower.

By sharing individual stories and experiences it is believed they would have a chance to inspire, help, heal and open doors to collective empowerment as no step is too small to attain a culture of respect, gender parity, social accountability and systems that promote economic development.

The organisation believes each person has a part to play in contributing to the best quality of life for women and girls today, not just in T&T, but for “women everywhere.”

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