The Trinidad Guardian / Help is needed for a female police officer who is a witness in a matter against former Anti-Gang unit police officers who are now accused of murder, says UNC Senator Gerald Ramdeen.

He indicated this yesterday during debate of the Anti-Gang Bill in the Senate. He said the bill also isn’t enough and operationalisation especially with police action, is urgent to get results.

On the issue of the female officer, he said the former Anti-Gang Unit police officers are currently in Remand Yard.

Ramdeen added that the female officer and her child are in the Witness Protection programme, but “They need the Attorney General’s help badly,” he added.

Ramdeen said the case of death of Joshua Andrews , 14, was also a similar concern. He said he’d given Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi “confidential information” that the police cannot protect the person who has the evidence to prosecute that crime.

Ramdeen also lamented the recent High Street, San Fernando incident where a jewelry store was robbed at 1 pm.

“People walked into a business place and smashed glass cases stealing jewelry and the security guard is on the ground with a gun butt to his head – yet San Fernando Police Station is a stone’s throw away!”

Both Ramdeen and Al- Rawi alluded to statements by new President Paula-Mae Weekes in her inaugural address.

Al-Rawi noted she took the position that no-one is above the law. Ramdeen noted that Weekes urged the public to find the light and ways to share this. In that context he credited the passage of the Anti-Gang Bill so far with Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s efforts to get debate going again after the bill failed last year.

Independent Senator Dr Dhanayshar Mahabir said the public had to regain a sense of trust in the police especially following the “Day of Total Policing” when that trust was betrayed. See Page A7


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