MiamiHerald / On a recent Saturday, Byron Bentancourt, 29, arrived at the Santa Ana corner store in Allapattah with a wad of $100 bills.

The next day was Mother’s Day in his native Honduras. Bentancourt hasn’t been back home in seven years, working instead throughout Miami-Dade as a construction worker earning $20 an hour.

“It’s something very complicated, not being closer to her,” said Bentancourt, whose only family stateside consists of an aunt and some cousins. Wearing jeans and a large cellphone clip, he looks every part the contractor — but he says he never expected he would end up in the building business, having grown up working on his father’s ranch.

Bentancourt did not say whether he is undocumented. But a recent report says remittance volumes may be surging as immigrants like Bentancourt anticipate shorter stays in the U.S., causing them to send more of their savings home while they still can.


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