Chinadaily / Volunteers Liu Hui (front) collects vegetables in the Yuegong-1, or Lunar Palace 1, at Beihang University in Beijing, capital of China, May 15, 2018. Chinese volunteers have completed a one-year test living in a simulated space lab in Beijing, setting a new record for the longest stay in a self-contained cabin. The total length of the test, which started on May 10th last year, reached 370 days, with the third stage accounting for 110 days. Liu Hong, chief designer of Yuegong-1, said the test marks the longest stay in a bioregenerative life support system (BLSS), in which humans, animals, plants and microorganisms co-exist in a closed environment, simulating a lunar base. [Photo/Xinhua] Self-sustaining lab sealed them off to simulate prolonged life on other planets

The world’s longest experiment in a self-sustaining ecosystem drew to a close on Tuesday in Beijing. It is part of an effort to explore ways to support life in extended missions on extraterrestrial bodies such as the moon and Mars.

Four volunteers-two men and two women who are students at Beihang University in Beijing-walked out of the Lunar Palace 1 Bioregenerative Life-Support Laboratory at the university, completing the Lunar Palace 365 experiment.

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