MiamiHerald / Patrick Scullen, a 6-4, 330-pound junior offensive tackle, played for Feis for three years and was a pallbearer at his funeral. Scullen said there aren’t many days that go by that he doesn’t think about Feis.

“Honestly he was just a guy who brightened up the room,” Scullen said. “He’d walk into the room and was just happy. Out here on the field when it came to getting work in he was a great coach. I learned a lot from him. I worked with him every single day at practice. We’d go out and go on the boards and do o-line drills every single day.

“For him not to be here anymore is just insane. It’s your coach. It’s basically family to you. You know that person like its bread and butter. Once they’re gone, that stuff really hits you.”


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