RT / The Netherlands and Australia declared Russia “responsible” for deployment of a missile system that downed flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine in 2014. Earlier, the Dutch-led probe said the system belonged to a unit in W. Russia. Following Thursday’s press conference by the international Joint Investigation Team (JIT), “the Netherlands and Australia are now convinced that Russia is responsible for the deployment of the Buk installation that was used to down MH17.” Both countries now “hold Russia responsible for its part in the downing” of the flight.

Moscow has earlier denied the claims made by the Dutch-led team.

“Not a single anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border,”  the defense ministry said in statement.

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The Russian Defense Ministry accused the team of ignoring and rejecting “the testimony of eyewitnesses from the nearby Ukrainian communities.” The ministry said it provided the prosecutors with “comprehensive” evidence, including field tests indicating the involvement of the Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft system units in the shooting down of the plane, and untampered radar data showing the missile did not come from the western side.



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