RT / American professional racing driver Leilani Munter is leading the pack on population control by choosing to go child-free and claiming the decision should be ‘normalized.’

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Self-styled “vegan hippie chick” Munter became a patron of UK-based charity Population Matters, which aims to promote awareness of overpopulation by encouraging smaller families. British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough is also a patron of the charity.

“Not having a child has been the biggest way for me to reduce my impact on the planet,” Munter, 44, told Reuters on Wednesday.

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“If you look at the numbers, the Earth is finite, and the human race cannot keep growing infinitely with only so many resources. We need to normalize choosing being child-free,” she added.

Munter, who funded her racing career through acting as a Catherine Zeta-Jones photo double and races with a ‘Vegan-Strong’ slogan on her race car, was named in the top 10 female racing drivers list by Sports Illustrated.

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The University of California in San Diego graduate told her boyfriend 12 years ago she intended not to raise a family but, instead of breaking up, the couple have been married since 2009.

The United Nations estimates that the world population is growing by 83 million a year, with the number of people on the planet expected to hit 9.8 billion in 2050 from its current total of 7.6 billion now.


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