THE American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) TT Charity Golf Classic will be held on October 6 after a six-year hiatus.

It was announced on Friday afternoon by AMCHAM TT CEO Nirad Tewarie at the Millennium Golf Club, Millennium Lakes, Trincity.

Tewarie said, “Last year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary and we started to talk about the older projects and what they contributed and this has always been an event to help us contribute to charity.

We decided to bring it back because it is an opportunity to bring members together and to raise funds for charity.”

The launch was brought forward a few months to announce that AMCHAM TT donated $5,000 to local Junior Golfer Dravid Bhim to assist with his participation in the upcoming Caribbean Amateur Junior Championships to be held in Jamaica from July 2-6. Fourteen-year-old Bhim was elated with the sponsorship received, he said, “I feel great because I never had a sponsor before and I look forward to the support from AMCHAM TT. My preparation for Jamaica has been improving and that is a good sign.”

Another partnership was formed between AMCHAM TT and the Russell Latapy Youth Development Program.

They will be working with the students and teachers of the Russell Latapy High School in a bid to provide support, mentorship and increase student graduate levels.

The former national football captain and coach Russell Latapy said, “On behalf of my school and charities for all you try to do for all these young kids because it is very difficult area and a lot of these kids need as much support as they could get just as much as our young golfers who are trying to make a career out of golf.”

President of the Trinidad & Tobago Golf Association Clyde Abder said, “We welcome back to the realm of golf, AMCHAM they stayed away for 6 years.

Believe it or not, my committee and I were planning to re-approach them to get back into golf and to my surprise this happen.”

They are aiming to accommodate 90 players (45 teams) at the tournament with special prizes to be announced.


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