MiamiHerald / The Atlanta Braves have been one of the major surprises in Major League Baseball this year and hold a 3 1/12 game lead in the NL East entering Thursday’s games. With the league’s trade deadline now about a month away, Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos explained how the team will approach potential deals.

Anthopoulos appeared on AJC Braves beat writer David O’Brien’s podcast and discussed his vision for handling the MLB trade deadline on July 31. Anthopoulos explained to O’Brien that the perceived issue of money won’t be the biggest factor in whether the Braves make a deal; instead, it’s the fact the organization wants to hold onto many of their prized prospects.

In March, named the Braves’ farm system the second best in baseball , with eight players in the top 100. In Anthopoulos’ opinion, there’s no need to deplete that system this summer.

“I think the biggest challenge for us is the prospect capital we would have to surrender,” Anthopoulos told O’Brien. “Prior to me stepping foot here, there’s a lot of pain that people went through to put this thing together to have some of these great, young players, and we’re very mindful of not depleting that. If you want to go out and get three, four, five spots, you’re rarely trading a one-for-one, so now you’re talking three-for-ones or four-one-ones.


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