Chinadaily / American wrestler-actor John Cena and action star Jackie Chan will team up to co-star the comedy actioner Project X . [Photo provided to] Fans of Jackie Chan will be excited to see the 64-year-old action legend showing off his death-defying stunts on big screen once more.

Recently in Shanghai, Chan announced that he is teaming up with 22-time WWE champion, John Cena, to co-star in an action comedy set in the Middle East.

With a working title Project X , the film started shooting on June 19.

Under the stewardship of American director, Scott Waugh, the movie revolves around Chan, a former special-forces soldier, and his alliance with an American mercenary played by Cena as they face off against a group of terrorists.

Waugh says he has stayed in China for three months to prepare for the movie, for which he started polishing the script more than two years ago.

Chan, who has shot a dozen movies set against a desert backdrop, says he will coach the cast and crew on how to protect themselves in the scorching weather, as well as paying attention to protecting the desert environment.

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