News day / THE Fête de la Musique (World Music Day) free concert takes place on June 21 from 5 pm at the Alliance Française headquarters in St Clair, Port of Spain.

Hosted by the Alliance Française (AFTT) for its 23rd edition, the concert is being staged in collaboration with the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) Academy of Performing Arts.

This event is held every year on all five continents. This year’s celebration will feature many talented artistes and bands, including Theron Shaw, Cesco Emmanuel, Solman, David Boothman and the Caribbean Renaissance Jazz Ensemble, Stefan Roach, Marina Lacroix, Crystal Katerson, StephAnn Feroza, Samuel Thomas Jnr, Martina Chow, Danielle Bachew, J9 Quartet, APA Vocal Studio and APA Percussion Dojo.

Martina Chow

Wendy Dyemma, director of the Alliance Française, said, “Fête de la Musique offers an opportunity to professional and amateur musicians to showcase their talents while making different genres of music accessible to the public for free.”

David Boothman

And of Alliance Française TT, she said it has been the main centre for French language and culture in the country for the last 67 years.

“Its genuine blend of learning and cultural immersion has been part of its success over the years. AFTT not only offers diverse courses in French, patois and English (for non-English speakers), it offers its courses to students of all ages, businesses and private courses on and off its premises. In addition, AFTT hosts a summer camp during the month of July.”



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