The Trinidad Guardian / National security agencies need to prepare a comprehensive contingency plan for specific surgical operations to flush out gangsters, says Garvin Heerah, former head of the National Operations Centre.

“This plan has to be from a concentrated effort, with renewed and adjusted tradecraft, and maximising all facets of the available intelligence architecture, co-ordinated and theatred from one specific fusion centre,” he said.

Noting a sense of panic and desperation across the country, Heerah said surgical operations need to be carried out in crime hotpots in a way that “no innocent citizen feels its impact.”

“The innocent law abiding citizens are the victims and have suffered too long and far too much in the face of these vicious violent acts within the once peaceful abodes of their communities,” he said.

A more strategic, co-ordinated and collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies, social service providers and the public, with the objective of significantly curtailing gang involvement, and its negative impact, should be implemented with immediate effect, he added.

Heerah is also recommending a multidimensional gang strategy for high risk young people between the ages 12-24.

“Based on research, young people who would move up the ladder of gang membership and activity are those who commit intentional acts of violence or who are arrested for gang-related incidents,” he explained.

“These traits are first detected and flagged as these young boys and girls exhibit violent tendencies at the school level. However, a number of educational institutions are guilty of concealing this information in an effort of safeguarding the image of the school and good ratings,” said Heerah,an expert on safe city operations and homeland security solutions.


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