Jamaica Observer / THE cost associated with restoring parochial roads could be much cheaper if the road-surfacing material polymer is used instead of asphalt, the Roads and Traffic Committee of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) learnt on Tuesday. Carl Dasilva, local implementation officer of Delta Green Company, in a presentation to the committee said that, whereas asphalting a kilometre of marl road would cost an estimated $13 million, polymer could be used to restore a kilometre of parochial road at half that cost.

Dasilva’s presentation was on polymer technology.

He said that polymer was designed to bind together fine aggregate such as marl, dirt and clay. It is impervious to water and there is no leaching.

“It does not break down, so very little maintenance is required,” Dasilva said.

The dust-free, low maintenance polymer application was being used on roads in Australia, the United States and in some third-world countries, he said.

Dasilva said, too, that the lifespan of roads with the polymer application is 15 years.

The local implementation officer said that the application was used to resurface a road near a factory in Bog Walk, St Catherine. He said that the company which is to apply the polymer technology to roads in Jamaica is in its formative stage, and his partner would be importing the product from the United States.

If the demand for the polymer application for parochial road surfaces increases, the product would be manufactured locally, he said.

Dasilva explained that the polymer application alone could not be used on main roads, as it does not have the strength of concrete or asphalt. However, the product, which binds well with asphalt, could help in making the surfaces of main roads more waterproof.

He said that the company plans to use local labour in the communities where projects are being done.

Responding to a question from Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor Vernon McLeod (Havendale division), Dasilva said that the product did not yet have Bureau of Standards approval.

The company is in the process of arranging a meeting with the bureau, he said.

— Claudienne Edwards


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