MiamiHerald / Unconscionable doesn’t capture it. Neither does immoral or un-American.

In describing the Trump administration’s horrendous policy of seizing the young children of Central American migrants crossing into the United States at the Mexican border, we must agree with Herald columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.: The policy is evil, pure and simple.

For President Trump, of course, it’s just politics, the pain, trauma and suffering that his administration is inflicting notwithstanding — to say nothing of the optics.

Separating children from their parents is part of the new “zero tolerance” policy that mandates every adult who crosses the border illegally be held for criminal prosecution. Since children can’t be detained in jails alongside their parents, they are snatched away and sent to detention centers. Before April, border patrol agents could use discretion in deciding each case; a parent with children would probably have received somewhat more favorable treatment.


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