Jamaica Gleaner / The Farm at Little Orchard in Linstead came to life on Sunday feeding a multitude of taste buds with succulent and delicious food that kept some foodies running back for more.  

The Gleaner Lifestyle and Nutramix Teams ventured to the rural farm to experience its unique offerings. The small get-together first whetted appetites and ended in a tantalising experience for foodies.

Jade Lee, the 2016 Female Champion Farmer, owns the farm. She declared that the foods produced there are not only healthy, but also naturally delicious.

“I produce only organic food. Organic foods are not pretty. If you go to buy callaloo or other vegetables and they are clean and without worm bites, then something is wrong,” Lee told a group of people eagerly waiting to delve into the delicious foods that filled the atmosphere with enthralling aromas.

The good-old jerked  CB chicken andperfect Copperwood  pork immaculately seasoned for a juicy and delectable taste, melted on warm taste buds.

And to make the day more spectacular the meals were served with succulent roasted pumpkin, tender roasted pineapples and of course breadfruit ripened and turned. Foodies were more than delighted.

Most of the food prepared at the affair was produced on the farm, a fact Lee bragged about repeatedly.


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