MiamiHerald / The U.S. consumer can be forgiven any Foodborne Illness Outbreak Confusion and Fatigue.

As spring’s romaine lettuce-E. coli and shell egg-salmonella outbreaks faded after causing, respectively, five deaths and a record recall, news of three more foodborne illness outbreaks within a week drenched consumers.

These aren’t just preventive warnings and recalls, such as when a food company yanks a product before people get sick after the product or food manufacturing facility tests positive for some contamination. That describes most recalls having to do with salmonella and listeria. The epitome of that is the 2017 Aunt Jemima frozen food recall , when listeria was found in the plant.

These are outbreaks — people are already sick in multiple states. These recalls and warnings are both reactionary and preventive.


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