Jamaica Observer / Deputy Solicitor General Dr Kathy-Ann Brown is Jamaica’s permanent representative to the International Seabed Authority (ISA), having presented her credentials to Secretary General Michael Lodge. The presentation took place on day three of the authority’s 24th session currently underway in Kingston.

Brown is director of the International Affairs Division in the Attorney General’s Chambers. Her main areas of responsibility include the law of the sea, environmental law, international security issues, international trade law, Caribbean Community law, law of international organisations, human rights, and air policy.

Prior to her current appointment, she was deputy director/adviser (legal) with the Economic and Legal Section of the Special Advisor Services Division at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Before that she supported the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Secretariat in negotiations with the European Union on economic partnership agreements, and prior to that she was based in Geneva and London as senior technical advisor (legal – international trade) with the Caribbean Regional Negotiating Machinery.

The ISA’s 24th annual sesion runs from July 2 – 27 at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

The first week of meetings were dedicated to its Legal and Technical Commission (LTC), which is being chaired this year by Jamaica’s Michelle Walker. Week two featured both the LTC and the Finance Committee. Week three, starting today, will de dedicated to meetings of the council, with the final week reserved for sittings of the assembly.

Among the items on the agenda are continued consideration of the revised draft regulations for exploitation of mineral resources in the area, the annual reports of contractors, the allocation of training opportunities, the implementation of the development of regional environmental management plans and the implementation of the data management strategy, the development process of a payment mechanism and financial terms for exploitation, equitable sharing of financial and economic benefits derived from activities in the area, consideration and adoption of the strategic plan, and settling on a budget for the next biennium.

The ISA secretariat is housed on the grounds of the Jamaica Conference Centre.


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