Jamaica Observer / KINGSTON, Jamaica — Leader of the Opposition, Dr Peter Phillips, insisted yesterday that former energy minister, Dr Andrew Wheatley, should be held accountable for the breaches which have been linked to operations at the PetroJam oil refinery under his administration. Responding to a statement from Prime Minister Andrew Holness on the Cabinet’s response to the breaches, Dr Phillips said that the Opposition was not suggesting that the minister must be held personally responsible for what takes place in every area. But, he should be held accountable for them.

“He may not be personally responsible, but he is accountable to the public, and there is a difference,” Phillips said.

He said that if the Government wanted PetroJam to be efficient and good, and is seeking partners, and want the cooperation of the Venezuelans, or anyone else, they must assure them that Jamaica has a Government that takes accountability seriously.

“And that if there are breaches that are involved that someone will be held accountable, and that the politically appointed officials, or the political officials themselves, are not immune from these requirements of accountability,” he added.

Since the issue arose last month, the Government has removed the energy portfolio from Dr Wheatley’s ministry. However, he is still the minister of science and technology.

Balford Henry


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