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4,000 vehicles using CNG

News day / Mohammed was speaking at a press conference at Diamond Motors Showroom, corner Richmond and Charles streets, Port-of-Spain.

He said although there is not a register of CNG vehicles at this time to easily access, Mohammed said the number one incentive gravitating people to use CNG vehicles is the price.

“Price is the main driver in Trinidad and Tobago and so far we have been seeing for CNG corporate customers tend to think a little more than just price, they are thinking about the carbon for print, it is less polluting, it certainly makes a very significant difference on exhaust on the nations roads and people have been picking up on that, driving behind these vehicles there is no exhaust, but at this point in time the primary motivator would be price.” After handing over the keys to two JinBei or the Golden Cup (as it is known in China) CNG Mini Bus with 100 percent OEM CNG tanks as well as a Diesel Mini Bus, all units 15 seaters, to George La Vende, president of the Private School Transport Association of T, Mohammed thanked the association for their support.

He said the purpose of the handover is to acknowledge the investment of the private sector transportation in TT and to congratulate them on their movement toward sustainable energy. Mohammed said the government will normally offer VAT free taxes, but customers are still required to pay their duties.

He said NGC and CNG itself offers a significant amount of incentives, and they are tailored at the moment around public transportation. Mohammed said they have arrangements that are on the table with PTSC, for the converting of buses, as well as arrangements with Maxi Taxi’s.

“We will give them a grant, which have been made known to the public, for big and small ones. We have incentives for conventions of exiting vehicles with Maxi Taxi. We don’t have any specific incentive for the general public because our key market right now will be the place that makes the biggest difference, which is public transportation.” He said with the availability of the JinBei models, Mohammed said he was pleased to say, the vehicle market is continuing its shift toward CNG vehicles.

“In 2014, PTSC started the movement with the purchase of 35 OEM CNG buses.

A little more than two years ago Classic Motors, picked up the momentum with the Honda City CNG model, which has had phenomenal success.”

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