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$7M in speeding fines

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At the Police Service weekly press briefing yesterday at Police Administration Building in Portof- Spain, it was revealed that in the five months of this year, over $7 million worth of fines were paid to the State by motorists charged for one offence — speeding. This in addition to millions more paid for other road traffic violations including drunk driving.

The statistic was revealed by Acting Assistant Superintendent (Ag ASP) Kissoon Badloo of the Traffic Patrol Branch, who together with police spokesman Ag ASP Michael Pierre, chaired the meeting. Badloo said that over 7,000 speeding tickets were issued to errant motorists across the twin-island nation.

He praised officers for their diligence in lying in wait with speed gun in hand to catch speeding motorists along all major highways and roads. In total, so far for this year, fines worth $7,445,000 were paid by persons charged for speeding.

At $1,000 per speeding ticket, that works out to 7,445 tickets being issued, Badloo said. The speed limit on major roads is 80 km.

In addition to speeding, 259 motorists were charged for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI).

“Statistics reveal that 514 voluntary tests were performed at sober zones outside fetes and other such events such as the Point Fortin Borough Day Celebration. As of May 16, the Traffic and Highway patrol branch carried out over 5,000 tests for breath alcohol readings, in which 773 persons were found to be above the accepted level of 35 micrograms,” Badloo said.

He added that there was a 37 percent decline in road fatalities as a result of accidents compared to the corresponding period last year. Despite this decline however, he said the Highway and Patrol Branch remains committed to their role in preventing road fatalities by engaging in a number of education initiatives and safety awareness campaigns.

“The rainy season is also upon us, we also urge vehicle owners/ drivers to ensure that your brakes are in proper order, your wind shield wipers are functional, tyres are good and not smooth and that all lights are functional,” the officer said.

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