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All races of people expressing outrage at Trump*


Trinidad Express / Outside the US president-elect Donald Trump’s gilded skyscraper, many in the slow-moving sidewalk throng come for the sole purpose of snapping selfies, some to capture a tad Trump history and others to offer him their one-fingered salute. But since his election as 45th US president on November 8, throngs of anti-Trump protesters have gathered outside Trump Tower to register their angst. Visiting New York-based fashion designer Marie Arlet was among the anti-Trump protesters. Last Wednesday, Arlet, 25, was in town with her father, eminent surgeon Dr Vincent Arlet, for a cocktail reception in his honour at Princes Elizabeth Centre (PEC)on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook. The senior Arlet has been a “friend of PEC” for the past ten years. Attorney Nicole Toby, wife of PEC’s orthopaedic surgeon Dr David Toby, took Marie and her mother Annie Arlet to meet outstanding local fashion designer Meiling. Arlet said: “I really like Meiling’s clothing. I bought some pieces. She has some nice white flowing skirts.” Then Arlet proceeded to give an eyewitness account of the anti-Trump protest. Chants of “not my president,” and “Build the fence around Pence,” rose from the angry crowd of Hillary Clinton supporters. 

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