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Analysts Not Convinced Simpson Miller Will Step Aside After Election Defeat


RJR News / Following the People’s National Party’s second loss at the polls in 2016, there have been varying reactions to the view that PNP President Portia Simpson Miller should now step aside. However, the dominant perspective is that despite her recent losses, the party president will not be forced to leave.      It is widely believed that Monday’s PNP defeat in the Local Government Election will give a louder voice to those who may be seeking to challenge Mrs Simpson Miller for the presidency.    But Political Commentator Martin Henry argued that despite the expectation for her to step aside, the latest election loss will not be the determining factor. “Other things might, but I don’t think there will be any high-ground decision road. This is her second back-to-back election loss; it’s time to be pushed or voluntarily go (but) I’d be extraordinarily surpised if any such thing happened,” he asserted.  Meanwhile, UWI Lecturer Dr. Jermaine McCalpin, also agreed that the defeat will not cause Mrs Simpson Miller’s departure as PNP President. According to him, “Mrs. Simpson Miller will leave on her terms and on her time.” However, Political Commentator Judith Wedderburn, has reasoned that things will not be the same for Mrs Simpson Miller or the party in general after this defeat. “There are many issues they have to resolve, not just the leader of the party but a lot of internal issues. I don’t think one is unrelated to all the other issues and so they have a responsibility first of all to themselves as an opposition party to deal with those issues, otherwise they’re going to stay there for a very long time,” she insisted.  Political Commentator Nadeen Spence, has also joined in the belief that Mrs Simpson Miller will not be stepping down from the position, despite the party losing the Local Government election.     Speaking with RJR News Tuesday morning, Ms Spence asserted if the PNP President’s mannerism at the recent spot meeting in St. Ann South East is anything to go by, she is not leaving at this time.

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