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Jamaica Gleaner / In light of arguments put forward by some promoters that a contractual clause should be put in place which gives them the right to cut the performance times of artistes in the event of an unforeseen emergency at shows, some recording artistes have agreed. However, there are those who feel promoters should learn the art of time management.


‘Give me a bly’ culture  

Recording artiste Chakka Pow believes Jamaican artistes have been spoilt by the ‘give me a bly’ culture and have now taken it overseas. He says until artistes are hit in their pockets, they will continue to show disregard for time.

“Promoters have to protect their interests. Shows are major investments, so they have to make a clause to protect themselves. If the artistes are going overboard, there must be something to address the situation. Even other professions have time-keeping methods. So when you are told that you have five minutes left, it is important that you know how to be creative and do a medley, or do something to end your set in a professional way,” he said.

While highlighting that some Jamaicans have little respect for time, Chakka Pow said, “Dance a yard before you dance abroad. What if it was your flight? Would you be late, and miss it? We are selective about what we are late for and it should not be like that. So perhaps when they start feeling it in their pockets they will change. So I support the clause … once an artiste is feeling the effects of his actions financially, he will heed,” he said.


Strike a balance  

Up-and-coming reggae artiste Melloquence also shared his two cents. He believes both artistes and promoters ought to strike a balance.

“The clause is necessary, yes. But can we as artistes also have a clause that says we can walk off the stage if there is an emergency of something? Because if you are going to have the right to take us off, we should have a right to walk off as well. We must just learn as Jamaicans to manage time wisely. As for the artistes, we have destroyed almost every show in Jamaica with unprofessionalism … let’s not go overseas and damage those events as well,” he said.

Billboard-charting producer Troyton also shared his views. He believes the promoters should only reserve the right to cut sets if the artistes are at fault. However, as long as the organisers are the ones who caused the issue with time constraint, it should be up to the artistes if they want to appease the situation.

“If you as the artiste are late, then your time should be cut,” he said.

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