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Athletics coaches develop a Training Plan


News day / The seminar took a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating various sport science disciplines such as Nutrition, Psychology and Physiology.

It was led by world renowned coach Ismael Lopez Mastrapa who taught the fundamentals of developing a training plan.

Mastrapa is the coach of Keshorn Walcott who won Olympic javelin gold in 2012 and bronze this year.

The Olympic medal winning coach said the integrated format of the workshop has never been done before with local coaches, who were thoroughly engaged throughout with each talk segment including a mandated activity which enhanced the learning environment.

The group of about 20 participants, who were recommended through the NAAA, appreciated the intervention, describing the session as informative and well delivered.

A few even expressed the need to expand the sharing of information with coaches at club level so as to better prepare athletes for elite competition and training. Executive Manager of the Unit Tobias Ottley agrees, stating: “The EDPU sees itself not only responsible for improving the quality of preparation of our athletes, but also to aid in the development of better coaches. Coaches too must grow and improve their ‘tool box’ just as their athletes must develop and adapt across their careers.” This workshop was held on the heels of the Sport Psychology session presented to coaches of racquet sports earlier this year at the National Tennis Centre.

The EDPU is based at the Hasely Crawford Stadium and intends to execute more workshops in this vein, with the objective to share with and learn from existing and potential clients in order to improve on the sport services currently offered to national coaches and athletes.

A flexibility workshop for athletes and a sport nutrition workshop for parents of athletes are in the works.

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