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Bangladeshi Ambassador presents credentials

News day / Accepting letters of credence from Bangladesh’s newly accredited non-resident High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago Mizanur Rahman on Tuesday, at the Office of the President in St Ann’s, Carmona said Bangladesh has sent through the United Nations, peacekeeping troops worldwide to help restore order where there was international disorder or natural disasters.

Rahman, who has been a public servant for 30 years, is based in Canada.

Thanking Bangladesh for the peacekeeping role it has played in the Caribbean region by sending troops to Haiti, Carmona said, they have helped in restoring democracy and the rule of law in the country and by extension the region.

Bangladesh, formerly a part of Pakistan and known as East Pakistan, came into being in 1971, after a split and bitter war with Pakistan.

It was important, Carmona said, to stress the importance of being a global villager in a world of globalisation when the concept of globalisation was beginning to shift and where unilateralism was engaging the major countries of the world. Using the experience of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union, he said, “You see what is happening in the United States of America.” He continued, “Sometimes you wonder if we are reverting to the law of the jungle. Each man to himself. But I hope not, because as a global villager, you have a responsibility to be concerned with the business of other countries.” He commended the President and Prime Minister of Bangladesh for the key role of women in the governance of their society. He noted that Bangladesh has been governed by women prime ministers with the current woman prime minister serving a third term.

That country’s governance structure, which allows for 70 women at the minimum to hold seats in the country’s 300-seat parliament, he said, should be emulated in TT and the wider Caribbean. Both Carmona and Rahman said that Bangladesh and TT have much to offer each other in many fields, but particularly in energy, sports, culture and the arts.

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