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Be Your You, Not Theirs*


Trinidad Express / Dear Marguerite, The office in which I work has more women than men. Unfortunately, though I am proud of the strides we women have made, I am worried at how some tend to bad-talk others in the same office. There is a particular group who seem to be professional hypocrites. They are close to the female supervisor and smile in front of her face, but try to tear her to shreds behind her back, in front of other staff in the office. I even heard the leader of this group say awful things about her to the manager! And she also spoke most unkindly about a function given by the supervisor who invited some of them to her house. She criticised the decorating taste of the supervisor and the snacks and drinks that were served. They are constantly making overtures to me to join them because they know I am an avid movie fan and they have given themselves some sort of name like a little club name because they are movie fans. I am of two minds. Should I join this group even though I really do not respect them? “What to do?” Dear “What to do?”,

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