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Beyond the personal to public justice*

Trinidad Express / Lennox Grant in his Sunday column of July 9 made several points and comments of which I wish to address two personal to my good self. He commented that Israel Khan has transitioned to “Israel B Rajah-Khan” and he, Lennox Grant, wanted to know whether “the Hindi Rajah” sobriquet was denoting the same person who had addressed Messrs Hamel-Smith and Stollmeyer, using the urdu title “Sahibs”. The surname “Rajah” is not a nickname added on to my name “Israel B. Khan”. It is my mother’s maiden name. She departed this world about a year ago and in honour of my dear departed mother I have changed my name by deed poll to include her surname. I am now legally named Israel B Rajah-Khan. And the Oxford English dictionary tells us “Sahib” (in the Indian subcontinent) is the polite form of address for a man. In India it is used as a mark of respect. We don’t use this form of address in Trinidad and Tobago—but I choose to use it as a means of the technique of pressure and persuasion. 

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