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Bhoe hits EBC on deregistered voters


The trinidad Guardian / Caroni Central MP Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie on Monday  in a Facebook post criticized the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) , claiming citizens who were registered to vote in 2015 were “deregistered” for today’s local government elections.

Tewarie subsequently said the issue was sorted out as those whose names were not on the voters list were advised to call the EBC.

“I have been working with the EBC and they have advised that those who cannot find their names on the list should call their offices and they will be allowed to vote once they were previously registered,” Tewarie said. “Three of the six people who complained to me so far have been able to cast their votes.”

Tewarie said he first became aware of the issue when he went to cast his vote in Tabaquite early this morning.

“I met one voter who complained that although she was registered to vote in 2015, her name was not on the list this morning. I advised her not to leave until she has gotten the opportunity to vote.”

Tewarie said after the EBC was contacted, the woman was allowed to cast her ballot after swearing a declaration at the polling station.

Corporate Communications Manager of the EBC Dominic Hinds told the T&T Guardian that the issue was a ‘normal one’ that arises on election day.  He advised voters who encounter issues at their polling stations to contact the EBC at their hotline — 625-8994

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