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CAL: No engine fire took place

News day / She said the cockpit crew and flight attendants followed all the proper steps and displayed professionalism in keeping the passengers calm. In response to a journalist’s suggestion that it was a common thing for warning lights to come on in the cockpits of the ATR aircraft, Ligoure said it was the first time such an incident had happened with this particular plane but admitted that there had been such incidents with other ATR aircraft.

Initial reports in several publications said the pilot had informed airport officials of an engine fire, but the plane landed safely shortly after 3 PM and was met by emergency services. There were no reported injuries among the 68 passengers aboard. Ligoure said the airline business is a highly regulated one and that “independent bodies” have to inspect the aircraft after an incident.

She said the aircraft cannot return to service without “particular and rigorous” inspections being made and the affected aircraft had remained on the ground so that those inspections could take place and returned to Trinidad yesterday after they were completed. However, she said she could not say when the aircraft will return to service since further inspections have to be done. Caribbean Airlines has five ATRs in service. The aircraft left Trinidad at 2PM for St. Lucia’s George Charles airport with Captain Avinash Sookdeo and First Officer Kevin Alexander at the controls.

Flight attendants Lisa Marie Ramcharan and Jamilia Richards comprised the cabin crew.

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