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Calling a spade a spade*

Trinidad Express / I would like to commend Peter George Jr on his excellent letter in the Express of September 8. Mr George, in a very articulate and structured manner, has laid out the situation as it is in this country, and we should all thank him for it. Over the past months I have spoken to numerous businessmen who have expressed similar opinions in the security of private one-on-one conversations, but Mr George is the only successful business man who has had the courage to come out and call a spade a spade publicly. Today’s news has the various chamber heads supporting the Government on the good job they have done over the past two years. Chambers, whose members express a completely different sentiments in private, making diplomatic statements supporting are the pathetic efforts of the present administration. This “brown nosing” in not doing the country any good and highlights the weakness and absence of true leadership in T&T.

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