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CARIFTA triathlon team continues preparations

The trinidad Guardian / T&T’s intent to give a good showing at the first ever CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships in Barbados on October 7 and 8, is mounting daily.

The event’s triathlon competition takes on an uncommon format which includes pool swimming as opposed to the more common open water component.

The cycling segment of the races will be executed under the draft legal system which means that athletes are allowed to ride in packs which is not the norm for the T&T athletes in training.

Coaches Derrick Simon, Alison Elliott and Angelo Clarke have been overseeing the team’s bi-weekly sessions which focus on getting the athletes accustomed to the requirements which many of them were not familiar with before.

Following the team’s penultimate training session which was held on Sunday morning at the Marlins Swim club in Diego Martin with 31 athletes in attendance, Simon told Guardian Media Sports,

“From our first initial session, they have been geared to a holistic approach with regards to how the athlete should face the actual event.

This includes everything form warm up drills and race strategies. Essentially, they are geared and designed towards race day preparation.

Particularly, we focus on the swimming module with sessions inclusive of warm up, practice in cornering around buoys, defensive swimming and transitions.”

During the swimming component, racers will complete a pre-specified number of laps in the pool, cornering around four buoys placed in each corner of the pool.

Because of limited space, Simon explained that these races are usually very aggressive and that ensuring that the athletes are comfortable and aware of various approaches is key.

Team TTO is among 29 countries that have been invited to participate in the event, with an expected 50 to 70 competitors in age groups ranging from 11-12, 13-15 and 16-19.

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