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Carmona: Caricom grateful to Castro


News day / The President expressed this view as he joined the chorus of local, regional and international leaders in paying tribute to Castro who died on Saturday at the age of 90.

In a statement, Carmona said, “Fidel Castro’s investment in the human capital of his country and Caricom is undeniable. His internationalism has resulted in thousands of Cuban trained doctors, health care specialists, educationists, agronomists, scientists and athletic coaches being sent to the far reaches of the world, to assist countries and citizens that needed assistance.” The President observed, “How can we forget the role of a Cuban coach in Trinidad and Tobago winning its second Olympic Gold medal through the prowess and athleticism of Keshorn Walcott.” Carmona said under Castro, Cuba developed one of the most accomplished health care, education and sport systems in the world, rivalling many countries in the developed world with far more resources. “Their Biotech Industries and Research Facilities have worked miracles throughout the world bringing great hope to those suffering from glaucoma, vitiligo, leukaemia, various forms of cancer and HIV/AIDS,” he stated.

The President added, “ The Cuban authorities continue to provide cheaper medicine and drugs, both at home and abroad, all grounded in the vision of the late Fidel Castro to create an environment of self-sufficiency, independence and full access to health care for all, regardless of one’s status or geography.” In the realm of foreign affairs and diplomacy, Carmona said Castro’s creation of the “Internationalista” remains an indelible footprint of his legacy as a world leader. “President Castro possessed the ultimate revolutionary spirit. His revolutionary foresight and vision were steeped in the hope of building a World Order, where big and small should have a rightful and equal place on the world stage,” Carmona said.

The President disclosed that he was privileged to have met and spoke with Castro, “on two memorable occasions.” He said one of those occasions was at the Eighth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention, the Treatment of Offenders and Criminal Justice in Havana in 1990.

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