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Chinese businessman, worker shot dead

News day / Shirui Zhao, 32, and Yanli Gu, 32, were killed as they sat in the front of Shirui’s Toyota Corolla sedan at 7 pm. The gunmen, according to reports, loitered nearby, awaiting the arrival of their targets. As the two drove into the car park of Kosume bar at New Haven Avenue in Marabella, the gunmen struck.

Shirui and Yanli lived in apartments on the top floor of the building which houses Kosume bar. They had just left L World casino in Tarouba when they were attacked. Sources said Shirui often paid the casino security guards a little extra to escort them from the casino to the bar, but when the gunmen started shooting, the security guards fled.

Police said both the casino and the bar are owned by Shirui’s sister while he owned another business establishment.

Yanli was an employee who worked at L World casino. Several Chinese nationals live in apartments above the bar. Residents yesterday said when the shooting started, they thought it was someone setting off fireworks.

Police while not saying what the motive for the murders, confirmed that they had ruled out robbery as nothing was taken from the victims or the bar.

Initially, police were working on a theory that the killings were a reprisal for an attempted robbery which occurred at the L World casino about a month ago.

Four men were charged and are before the courts for that attempted initial robbery. Police pondered on whether the two witnesses to the attempted robbery. However, upon further investigation, sources said, this theory was quashed leaving police at a loss as to the motive.

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