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News day / 3. Green days by the River by Michael Anthony – If you haven’t read this Caribbean classic by Trinidadian writer Michael Anthony now is the time to do so because there’s a movie based on the book coming out around March of next year. This is the story of Shell, a carefree teenager who suddenly has to face the responsibilities of a man when his father becomes critically ill. Caught between two girls, Shell finds himself having to grow up much too fast.

4. Skipping Christmas by John Grisham – He’s known for his legal thrillers, but Grisham has also created an hilarious story about a husband and wife who decide to cancel Christmas. The book was turned into a movie that captures the comical side of the holiday that everyone takes so seriously.

5. Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Laura Miracle –These three, interlocking tales by popular Young Adult (YA) writers, are a popular read with the teenagers in my school. The stories are light and fun, and they highlight how Christmas affects relationships.

Each story features some characters or some aspects of the other writers’ stories.

Let It Snow is a funfilled, light Christmas read that will put teens and adult readers in a Christmas mood.

6. A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans by W Bruce Cameron – This endearing story of a dog’s many lives is coming out as a movie in January.

It’s a light read that qualifies as a high interest/low reading level pleasant teen read. Adults will enjoy this story too.

7. Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – This well written biography surprised me with its wit and wisdom. Phil Knight, the founder of the US $28 billion shoe industry has penned a riveting story of his life. Never preachy and always filled with self-deprecating humour, Knight shows how important it is to have both a dream and a plan. This too is a high interest/low reading level book that teenagers can enjoy as well as adults. It is only’s list of holiday reading and holiday gifts.

8. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow – If you haven’t read the biography that inspired the musical, then I suggest you tackle it this Christmas. It’s a long book, but filled with the fascinating story of one of the US founding fathers who happened to be from the West Indies.

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