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Citizens fed up of ‘same old’ syndrome


Trinidad Express / THE Alliance of Independents remained out of the local government elections as we continue to maintain our stance that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Meaning, the political and electoral impact of the marginal political organisations would always be more effective when brought together, under an umbrella of similar values and goals. This campaign and its result have cemented this belief. The fact that we have recorded a voter turnout of in and around 22 per cent speaks volumes, however, the question remains, what must be the next step? The significant vote of NOTA (None Of The Above) provides both a wake-up call and opportunity to both mainstream parties to do more, whilst getting their political house in order, however, it further demonstrates that the majority of the citizenry are completely turned off from the “more of the same’’ syndrome. This significant vacuum provides an opportunity to the marginal political entities, formed and yet to be formed, to fill the political gap. The question remains, are we all ready to lay our collective egos to the side in the interest of country first? Over three-quarters of the voting population did not see it fit to cast their vote for any of the two main options and they saw nothing viable of a third option. That third option must comprise something in the minds of the public as being not just a spoiler party to split votes or a party to be conveniently used to get another main party in power. This can only become a reality if these parties who represent that third constituency coalesce around common goals which would resonate to the now 75 to 78 per cent of NOTA voters. This is how the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, by appealing to the now silent majority. Having stated this, I take this opportunity to congratulate all political parties who participated in the electoral process, particularly both the main political entities and their leaders, who despite the tremendous odds, continue to maintain their respective political bases, whilst ensuring a continued sound democratic process. Nicole Dyer Griffith Alliance of Independents

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