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News day / WPC Roxanne Meharris was the lone officer on duty at the station, two other officers who were stationed there having gone out on patrol. Never in her wildest dreams would she have believed that the victim would be her brother, and the shooter one of her colleagues.

Alone in the station, Meharris wept bitterly while at the same time having to attend to station duties as every five minutes she was being bombarded with telephone calls that it was her brother who was shot dead.

Detectives are investigating the incident in which Kerwyn Meharris, 34, of Mamoral Road, Flanagin Town, Brasso Village, was playing a poker game on the Mamoral Junction at about 12.58 am on Saturday together with friends, among them a Special Reserve Police (SRP) officer.

When the game ended, Kerwyn who lived a short distance away from the junction, returned to his home. Police said based on their investigations, Kerwyn had won some money in the card game, but he received a call on his cell phone to return to the junction.

What happened next was up to yesterday still being investigated, but according to the report, Kerwyn was shot in the yard of a house on the junction. When Sunday Newsday visited the scene yesterday, there were blood stains on the wall of the garage of the house.

The police report stated that Kerwyn was taken in a police vehicle to the Chaguanas District Health Facility wounded on the left upper chest. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Detectives, Sunday Newsday learned, have since seized the gun from the SRP who had only six months ago obtained a firearm user’s licence to carry his personal firearm. Kerwyn was a father of one and has a twin brother, Sherwin, also of Mamoral Village.

Meharris who also lives along the Mamoral Road near to her deceased brother, said she was at the time on duty at the station along with two other officers. The station is a police outpost and it is normal for just three or four officers to be on duty in the otherwise quiet and very rural Brasso Village.

She said it was at about 12.58 am when she received a call on the wireless from Command Centre, that explosions were heard at Mamoral Junction which is a short distance from the outpost. “I could not leave because I was the lone officer in the station,” Meharris said.

What happened after, Meharris said, was nightmarish to say the least. The policewoman said she then received a telephone call from a cousin who broke the tragic news that it was her brother who had been shot at the Mamoral Junction.

“I could not believe it. I broke down crying. I wanted to leave the station and go on the scene but I could not. I was the only officer and could not take that chance,” Meharris said.

Pacing up down the charge room and praying silently for her brother, she almost fainted when she received the next call.

The caller, another relative, told Meharris that her brother, Kerwyn, was dead.

She said, “I went to the washroom about 10 times. I was hoping and praying it was not true. I knew that my brother was murdered because he was not involved in anything that would have warranted him being shot dead, especially by a police officer.” Meharris said she waited in the station for three and a half hours, during which her cell phone kept ringing. And during her sudden grief, she had to attend to normal duties in the station as she waited for the two other police officers to return. Meharris left the station in tears and in her police uniform at about 3.15 am yesterday and made her way to the Chaguanas health facility where she saw her brother’s body.

She said a police report on the shooting has been filed and homicide detectives are investigating what led to her brother’s murder.

Up to midday yesterday, Meharris said personnel from the police service’s Victim Support Unit were yet to visit the family’s home. An autopsy will be performed on the body tomorrow. “I want to say that as a police officer, I stand by what the law requires me to do and having said that, a report would be made to the Police Complaints Authority,” Meharris said.

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