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Coral Gables sues to identify its critics on social media / While Coral Gables has gone to court seeking information from Facebook and Instagram about the people who posted a misleading video about the city’s police department, legal experts say getting the information could be difficult.

There’s still not a lot of case history in similar situations – someone trying to get at the identities behind a social media post – but law professors say that the issue comes down to balancing free speech and anonymity with the potential damage of having users make false statements that could go viral.

“If I have a criticism of a government and I state it, should I do it if that agency can turn around and sue me?” said Jill Evans, a professor at Samford University in Alabama. “Things change all the time with social media; it’s a moving target.”

Things change all the time with social media; it’s a moving target.

Jill Evans, Samford University professor

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