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Corporations on red alert

The trinidad Guardian / Borough Corporations throughout T&T are ready and are actively operational for any eventuality arising out of the impending tropical storm damage.

Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez said the city corporation workers were up until late last night preparing for the tropical storm system.

Martinez was speaking yesterday at a press conference at the Port-of-Spain City Corporation in Port-of-Spain.

“We are getting ready at city corporation to take care of this impending tropical storm,” he said.

He said the disaster management unit, councillors and members of the public health committee were preparing for any emergency situations.

“We are asking the citizens of Port-of-Spain and environs to be aware of the tropical storm and we are assisting the burgesses with sand bags and taking note of areas that could be affected by this heavy rain storm.”

Martinez said the city corporation police would be patrolling areas to assist those in need.

“The corporation vehicles are on standby with backhoes and trucks and the corporation workers are on standby. We are waiting for any calls. There are 20 shelters and three were community centres with managers at all the shelters available to receive anyone in distress,” he said.

Martinez said the corporation would be looking at various areas to assist citizens who are in distress.

“If anyone is in distress and would like assistance, they should not hesitate to call. We could only hope and pray and we are a lucky country. We could never be too sure, let us prepare,” he said.

Councillor and public health officer June Durham said sandbags are given out in areas of lower Woodbrook and St James.

“I started giving out sandbags and we will be going out later to make sure everyone has sand. We made sure everyone has water and we have tarpaulin,” she said.

Durham said if there citizens were affected by flood waters they should get to higher ground. She also urged citizens to have fresh drinking water and stock up on food.

Alderman Wade Coker said citizens should watch their children as they like to play in rain and water.

At the Chaguanas Borough Corporation, an emergency meeting was held yesterday headed by Acting Commissioner of Police (CoP) for Central Division, Surajdeen Persad, and including Senior Superintendent Kenny Mc Intyre, Inspector Chunilal Bedassie and Inspector Gibbs of the Central Division Police.

The Operational Response Plan was headed by Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodhan, and was attended by Deputy Mayor Faaiq Mohammed, Councillor Ronald Heera, Councillor Vandana Mohit, Councillor Andell Paramsook, Councillor Debideen Manick and Alderman Marisa Ramlogan and partnering stakeholders, inclusive of REACT, Police, Fire Services, and Disaster Management.

Citizens were also urged to exercise caution and be vigilant in case of flash flooding or any other adverse effects of the inclement weather pattern at this time.

Meanwhile, the Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian and the Arima Borough Council advised that they are correctly collaborating with the Disaster Management Unit to ensure that the Borough is prepared for the upcoming weather disturbance.

The Arima council has confirmed that all shelters have been examined and are secure for the possible relocation of the burgesses. It also points out that the borough’s main water courses have been inspected and the water within them is flowing freely.

“The burgesses have heeded the warnings and have been actively preparing by purchasing emergency supplies and securing their premises. The mayor and council are encouraging burgesses to remain calm but vigilant as the tropical storm warning is in effect,” Morris-Julian said.

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