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Country needs strong societal structures


News day / Speaking at the funeral service yesterday for, 46-year-old Mukesh ‘Crucial’ Motilal, one of the two poisoning victims whose bodies were discovered at the side of the road at Tarouba Village near San Fernando on Friday morning, Pundit Kiran Maharaj told mourners that the various family structures have collapsed and a huge social gap has been left.

“We are no longer fulfilling our responsibilities adequately and it starts from birth,” Maharaj said.

“The family structure is most important and we are neglecting it. People go astray because they have been neglected in some way or the other and we have to try to fill that gap.” The bodies of Motilal and Kamraj ‘Cello’ Maharaj, 51, both of Tarouba Road, were discovered at about 6 am on Friday near Las Vegas Recreation Club, locked in embrace and tied together with a piece of rope by the loops of their pants.

But quite baffling to homicide investigators were that the eyebrows of both men were shaved off and their lips were smeared with lipstick.

Both men knew each other well having grown up in the village and residents who knew them, said that they were frequent customers at bars in Tarouba.

An autopsy performed at the Forensic Science Centre in St James on Friday revealed that the men died from acute poisoning.

Yesterday Maharaj, together with and Pundit Teeluckdhary Rampersad, officiated at the funeral service and called on relatives to always put their trust in God.

He said, “We must always trust in God from birth and throughout until death. No matter what takes place, the conditions under which death takes place, we have to accept it at the end of it all.” Motilal was a former Caroni worker and was neither married nor had any children.

From as early as 9.30 am residents braved the inclement weather and flocked to Motilal’s home and then to the Shore of Peace Cremation site at La Romaine to bid him final farewell. Mourners attending the service muttered words of utter condemnation for the deaths, with one relative saying, “I can’t believe people will actually do something like this to another human being. I only hope the family gets justice.” An arrest is yet to be made and funeral arrangements are being made for Maharaj.

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