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News day / “I discuss a lot of that in the edge of leadership.

You will see chapters like Knowing How to Speak.

You come back to basic virtues of leadership and basic foundations that might have been overlooked or not taught in schools.

“You would think that these are core values people should possess but somehow it seems to be eroding in leadership,” she said. Her second book, The Ultimate Leader: Learning, Leading and Leaving a Legacy of Hope was published in November 2016. The book is focused on how one could perform at their optimum level, even in the midst of uncertainty. “I delve more into giving hope because you see in today’s world when you look at what is going on in the environment and economy. People are facing personal troubles and on top of that leaders are asking for more and more and more and they need to be able to give that inspiration.” She discussed in the book her four pillars of leadership which are hope, humility, authenticity and integrity.

“If you don’t build your leadership with any of these it would eventually crumble,” she said.

For Hyacinth, it is important for a leader to put the needs of the multitude above one’s own.

Hyacinth hopes to dedicate all of her time and energies to being a motivational speaker and to focus on writing her material on leadership. She sees herself one day taking over Maxwell’s job.

“I see myself taking over John Maxwell’s job,” she said, without any hint of laughter.

The books are available on and local bookstores.

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