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Dad killed taking daughter on motorcycle joyride

News day / Doctors said yesterday that Nicolette Paul who is a Form Three secondary school student, is “just hanging there” and they too, like the girl’s relatives, are praying for a miracle, she having suffered broken bones and internal injuries.

At the family’s home yesterday at Railway Road, Reform Village near Gasparillo, family members said that Nicolette was anxiously awaiting the purchase by her dad, Nicholas Paul, 38, of his new Suzuki motorbike which he bought three weeks ago. When Paul brought the bike home he promised to take Nicolette for a joyride. He has another daughter, Nikisha, 14, who with her sister, attends the Gasparillo Secondary School. Paul often takes his both daughters for rides and police said yesterday that he is an experience and safe bike rider.

At about 5.30 pm on Saturday, Paul decided to take Nicolette for the ride he had promised her and she hopped onto the bike at back of him as the pillon rider. The girl clutched her hands around her father as he drove off from their yard at Reform Village. Relatives at their home yesterday said that the girl was all smiles and seemed so excited, she waved to family members who watched them ride off onto the Reform Link Road.

According to a police report, Paul headed towards the Reform Link Road which leads to the southbound lane of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway in the vicinity of the newly-opened Brian Lara Cricket Academy. Nicolette was in all glee, but tragedy struck when a white Elantra vehicle travelling in the opposite direction, attempted to overtake a line of vehicles along the link road. The driver of that vehicle, according to the report, crashed head-on with Paul’s motorcycle.

Paul and his daughter were thrown off the bike several feet in the air.

They both landed on the road, police said, but the father died on the spot.

Nicolette was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital by ambulance which arrived on the scene within minutes. The driver of the Elantra was also injured, the report stated, and was also taken to the hospital. Onlookers at the scene, said that Nicolette was bleeding from wounds on the lower abdomen and both legs. She was unconscious.

Paul lived with his wife Vicky, 38, and their daughters and worked as a crane operator at Paramount Transport Ltd. When Newsday visited the family’s Reform Village home yesterday, relatives wept in the yard and consoled the mother.

Paul’s father, Deodath, 56, said that he could not come to terms with the death of his son, and, his soul is hurting for his granddaughter, Nicolette, who is ‘fighting’ for her life at the hospital. “My heart aches. I went on the scene and I saw my son’s motorcycle in pieces and his body on the road. I have to relive these memories for the rest of my life because of a reckless driver,” Deodath said.

Paul and his daughters shared a close bond, Deodath said, and he often took them for rides on his motorcycles. “My son had been riding motorcycles for the last 15 years. He is one of the most cautious drivers you would ever meet.

He never got into an accident. Safety is everything for him,” Deodath said.

He recalled seeing Paul leaving the yard with Nicolette after he had told him (Deodath) that he was taking her for a ride on his new bike.

Nicolette, the grandfather added, was excited and seemed anxious to go on the joyride. Deodath said, “She (Nicolette) was so excited; she could not wait to drive on her father’s new motorcycle. Her father made sure she was properly secured on the motorcycle and then he drove off. You could see Nicolette smiling; she was so happy.”

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