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Dare to Dream

The trinidad Guardian / This is a call to our nation’s youth to “Dare To Dream” in the midst of a corrupt, barbaric and violent society. The world has been literally transformed by men and women who dared to dream.

Men like Mahatma Ghandi, who dared to dream that the Indian people could have been set free from British rule; men like Barack Obama, who dared to dream that he could become the first black president of the United States of America and that a change is coming. Martin Luther King dared to dream that a time would come when men and women would no longer be judged by the colour of their skins, but by the content of their character. Jack Canfield dares to dream that if you apply the success principles in his book you can go from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be in life in spite of surrounding circumstances. The woman with the issue of blood in the Bible dared to dream that if she could just touch the hem of Jesus’ garments she would be healed. The world has been literally transformed by men and women that dared to believe that something inside of them is greater than the negative influences around them.

The negative influences will never be completely destroyed, but we as a nation can continue to dream and do all in our power to rise above all obstacles and live a life of success. Having recently been the victim of an arson attack against my home in Chaguanas, I have decided to rise above the pettiness, immaturity and cowardice of my enemies and have decided to travel the world sharing

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