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News day / As David Sancaro lay on the roadside, mortally wounded, his attacker stopped the van and reversed, running over the teen’s body a second time to make doubly sure the youth would not live to tell the tale of one man’s deadly rage. The killer then drove off.

Passers-by who witnessed the murder-by-van, were recorded via cellphone camera trying to revive a motionless Sancaro by performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while frantic calls were made for an ambulance. The teen was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His killer Up to yesterday the suspect, who reportedly surrendered to police, remained in custody.

Sancaro, a handyman recently went to live with his mother Uklan Sancaro in South Oropouche. Previously, he lived with Joanne Tannis, a mother of seven at Taylor Avenue off Sewlal Trace in Fyzabad.

According to reports, at about 9 pm, Sancaro, Tannis’ son Stephen and another man identified only as Kaleem, were returning home from a bazaar in Otaheite and while walking along the Southern Main Road in Dow Village, South Oropouche, spotted a man beating a woman with a cutlass near a bar.

The three intervened telling the man to stop beating the woman or else the police would be called in. The man became enraged and turned on the three with his cutlass causing them to run off. Realising he was losing the race, the man jumped into his grey Ford Ranger pick-up and sped towards the fleeing men.

On reaching a car wash, the suspect bounced down Sancaro from behind, driving over the youth’s body.

The man stopped a short distance and reversed back onto and over the teen’s body before speeding off.

At Tannis’ home yesterday, the woman who took care of Sancaro since he was 12, said she could not understand the driver’s action.

“When they told him to leave the woman alone, he ran after them with his cutlass. I heard that he jumped into a van which he used to try to bounce down my son (Stephen) who managed to jump inside a drain,” Tannis said. “You already bounced down the child, why roll over him? He wanted to kill all three of them, from what I can tell. The first thing he might want to say is that alcohol caused the entire thing, but the fact that he stopped and the reversed over David clearly shows intent to murder,” Tannis said.

Tannis said she considered Sancaro as one of her children and his death hurts her deeply. “Today he was expected to start a new job with a welding business in Gasparillo.

That was something to take him a little further in life. But his life was snuffed out because of one man’s rage and inability to control his ego. It is not as if David knew the woman or anything…he just wanted to help,” Tannis said.

Police sources said that the suspect drove to the South Oropouche Police Station and surrendered shortly after the incident. Snr Supt Balram is spearheading investigations together with Sgt Gookool, Cpl Narinesingh and others.

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