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Dillon: 95 to 179 criminal gangs in TT


News day / Dillon made these statements in response to questions from Opposition MPs in the House of Representatives. On missing people, Dillon stated, “Investigations commence immediately on reports of these incidents.” The minister outlined the steps taken by the Police Service in investigating those reports indicating there is assistance from the Defence Force and the private sector in these efforts.

He said the latter involves electronic billboards being used to display photos of the missing individuals and urging the public to provide the police with any information on their whereabouts.

This did not satisfy Chaguanas West MP Ganga Singh who scoffed, “It is clear that the standard operating procedures weren’t followed with respect to (murdered businesswoman) Sharlene Somai.” On the issue of gangs, Dillon disclosed that prior to 2014, there was no centralised reporting for information on criminal gangs.

He said the total number of people in these gangs ranges between 1,500 to 1,600. He indicated that in the period September 2011 to January, 54 youths were involved in gang activity.

He said six youths under the age of 18 were charged under the Anti-Gang Act 2011.

Dillon also said that on February 3, a letter was sent from the PSC to the successful firm selected through open tender to interview candidates for the CoP and Deputy CoP posts.

The minister added that out of ten firms which initially expressed interest, only four submitted written proposals to the Commission. He said a lack of quorum due to the terms of office of members of the PSC expiring last November, caused a delay in this exercise

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