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DIY Jo: Gym Mane in Place

Jamaica Gleaner / When it comes to going to the gym, many of us have decided to opt out because we are not sure what to do with our hair, or it was just styled and we do not want to sweat it out. Well, it is DIY Jo to the rescue because you can still be cute from the neck up, while we are working on everything beneath.

Short Hair For my short hair naturalistas, you are in luck. Doing a wash and go will remain your best friend. Your hair is less likely to be bothered by a day at the gym. If your hair is long enough to fall into your face a bit, use a headband or pin it back a bit to reduce frizz.

If you have processed hair, having it short can be good and bad. If it is really low and you are low maintenance, not one for curls, then you are in luck. All you may need is a headband. But if you need to style your curls, then it might be a bit more difficult. You might have to slick it back and leave the curling for the rest days. You can also play with the layers by fluffing a bit when dry. You can also consider doing a protective style which, in your case, could be braids. If you like it long, you can turn it into a bun during your workout.

Medium to Long Hair As it pertains to longer lengths, we know that once it is out, it is naturally hot. So a high bun is recommended for bother naturalistas and processed ‘sistas’. If it is processed, then you can do it loosely for air to pass through it.

If you are a naturalista sporting a twist out or wash and go or just do not want to have a tight bun, then a pineapple is your best friend. It does not have to be tight to look cute and you will not have to worry about sweating out your curls. Plus you can catch the hair quite loosely so that air can pass through it and reduce sweating in your hair. If you have a bang like myself, then ensure you pin it back or wear a headband.

A crown braid is also a cute chic way to wear your hair to the gym. It is quick and once you use the slant part, you do not have to worry about it being tight and sleek, even a puffy braid will look cute.

If your hair is processed, a loose high or medium-high ponytail is also highly recommended. It will keep the hair off your skin without having to worry about too much sweating on the scalp. And it is cute.

There is nothing wrong with being cute and taking care of that hair when you are at the gym, after all, you are working on that body to remain cute right?

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