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Do more for the Integrity Commission*

Trinidad Express / It is unfortunate that our Prime Minister should once again publicly castigate the country’s Integrity Commission. To tell the world through the media that his country’s “Integrity Commission has no integrity” is to hold the entire country up to ridicule at a time when we need to build not destroy the institutions which exist. This is not to say that failing organisations can be ignored. Far from it. They must be aggressively addressed, but not by so all-consuming a broad brush and not when such terms are used by the Prime Minister of the country. Let’s leave that to the Donald Trumps of the world. Clearly the performance of the Integrity Commission is cause for serious concern and more particularly the extraordinary circumstances in which the commission, prematurely ended its recent investigations into “Emailgate”. You will recall that deputy chairman Justice Ventour, who was also chairman of the commission’s investigative committee, disagreed publicly with the decision to end the investigation and so did the commission’s chief investigative officer. The fact that the respected Justice Ventour then resigned when these objections were ignored by chairman Hosein speaks volumes about how strongly he felt and the principled position he was forced to take.

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