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Do you do your diabetic annual review?*


Trinidad Express / If you have diabetes, not looking after your feet is the cause of foot disease, which can have complications including amputation. It’s why it is especially important that people with diabetes look after their feet. Check your feet every day, look for changes in shape, cover any cuts, or scratches. Wear shoes that fit properly, make sure you know how to look after your feet, and get them checked at least twice a year by a podiatrist. Each visit can be viewed as an opportunity to assess and improve your understanding of your illness, and your ability to control the disease. Every year, persons with diabetes should attend a foot examination. This should involve: • Testing the sensation and pulses in your feet • Examining your feet for any deformity, signs of infection or ulceration, and checking if your footwear is suitable • Asking you about any pain or previous ulceration.


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